Feature Machine

Gantry Type 5 Axis Machining Center  

Performance, relability and Operator-friendly design, D800

U-Series 5 Axis Machine  

New Feature Machine, U-500

5 Axis C Series VMC  

Versatility, trustworthy, C50

Excellence Series VMC  

Universal machining & high price-performance ratio, e-1800

Rapido Series VMC  

Superb efficiency & high precision, V-11H

Milling Machine  

Inverter variable speed milling head, MX-B5IV

Universal Milling Machine  

For versatile machining, 8QM

Heavy Duty Precision Lathe  

Rigorous Quality Inspection, ML-50200

CNC Lathe  

MAXIMART CNC LATHE will significantly boost your productivity and profitability, CL-51120

EDM Machine  

Advanced Eroding Technology, LD-250

CNC EDM Driller  

Versatile CNC with Auto-Tool-Change, CNC-500AT

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