VMC Vertical Machining Centers c-50 front view


5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers

Heavy Duty Precision 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers

Smaller Footprint - Maximart C series 5 axis vertical machining centers deliver outstanding performance in a smaller footprint for the machining of complex geometry parts for Medical, Aerospace, Molds and Die industries.

Maximum Versatility - Maximart C series 5 axis vertical machining centers with the widest range of machining operation.

High efficency with 5 Axis Position Precision

Optimum Structural Design - High speed machining precision is the key to 5 axis vertical machining centers cutting efficiency and the stucture of the C series machines throughly analyzed and optimized through FEA(Finite Element Analysis).

Highly Rigid One-Piece Structure

Technical Specifications

Table Size Ø500
T-slot 14H7x8mm
Max. Workpiece Ø620mm x H300mm
Table load Capacity 300 kg
X.Y.Z Axis travel(mm) 810 x 700 x 610
A axis travel +30 ~ -120°
C axis travel 360° (Continuous)
Spindle Nose to WorkTable -20-590 mm
3 Axes Ballscrews Ø40m/P12m/C1
3 Axes Precision Roller Type Linear Guideway X/Y/Z(45mm) x 6pcs Self-lube Roller Type Block 32/32/32m/min
3 Axes Transmission Direct Drive
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z 32/32/32m/min
Rapid Traverse A/C 11.1/16.6min^-1
Acceleration X/Y/Z 2/2/3m/s^2
X/Y/Z Feed Rate 12/m/min
A/C Feed Rate 2000° /min
Spindle Taper BT40/CAT40/DIN40 (Optional:HSK-63A)
Spindle Cooling Unit 12000rpm (Optional:15000)
Spindle Transmission Direct Drive
Tool Storage Capacity 30
Max. tool weight 7kgs/PCS
Max. tool daimeter Ø76mm(Ø150mm)
Max. Tool Length 300mm
Tool change Time(CTC) 6 sec.
Tool change Time(Tool to Tool) 2.2sec
Tool Selection Bi-direction Random Shortest Path