VMC Vertical Machining Centers d-800 front view


Gantry Type 5 Axis Machining Center

Heavy Duty Precision 5 Axis Machining Center

Large Workpiece 5 Axis Performance - This type of 5 axis gantry type machining is especially suited to the requirements of workshops producing a wide range of components for Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Energy engineering industries.

Bulit in spindle with high power motor.

Thermal Stability - The D series 5 Axis machining centers feature cooling system for both the ballscrews and the direct drive motors.

Servo Driven Tool Magazine

Highly Rigid One-Piece Structure

Technical Specifications

Worktable Size Ø800mm
T-slot 14H8x7mm
Worktable load 1000 kg
Max. Workpiece Ø800mm x H560mm
X.Y.Z Axis travel(mm) 800 x 1010 x 650
Spindle Nose to WorkTable 150-800 mm
Rapid speed(X/Y/Z) 48/48/48m/min
Cutting speed(X/Y/Z) 20m/min
A axis rotating angle ±120°
C axis rotating angle 360°
A axis max speed 40rpm
C axis max speed 75rpm
A axis working torque(R/M) 1900Nmx2/3360Nmx2
C axis working torque(R/M) 2000Nmx2/3600Nmx2
A axis clamping force 2400Nmx2
C axis clamping force 1944Nmx2
Spindle drive method Bulit-in
Max spindle speed 20000rpm(ATE)
Spindle power(S1-100%/S6-40%) 26kW/32Kw(ATE)
Max torque(S6-40%) 154Nm(ATE)
Tool shank #40 BBT/CAT/DIN/HSK A63
Controller S 840D sl/TVC 640/F 31iMB5
Tool Magazine 64/96/120
Tool change mechanism Drum driven by AC servo motor
Max tool diameter & Empty adjacent tool 100/125mm
Max tool length 300mm
Max tool weight 7kg
X/Y/Z positioning accuracy 0.010mm
X/Y/Z repeatability accuracy 0.006mm
A/C positioning accuracy 10 arc-sec
A/C repeatability accuracy 5 arc-sec
Coolant tank capacity 350l
Coolant motor 380V/50HZ 1.08kW 0.2MPa-100l/min
Coolant spray gun 380V/50HZ 0.85kW 0.2MPa-67l/min
Coolant thru spindle 20bar(380V/50HZ 2.2kW) | 50/70bar(380/50HZ 5.5kW)
Chip conveyor Screw type (380V/50HZ 0.4kW) | chain/scrape type (380V 50Hz 0.2kw)
Machine size(w/swing control panel) 5060 x 2405 x 3850mm(64t)
Machine weight 18600kg