5 Axis u-800 machine front view


5 Axis Machining Center

Heavy Duty Precision 5 Axis Machining Center

High Positioning Accuracy on A/C Axis are transmitted through roller cam for backlash, free transmission, ensuring high positioning accuracy.

30 Tools Servo Magazine.

Convenient Workpiece Loading / Unloading - The open top design of the machine allows for using a crane to load and unload workpiece direcly from the top of the machine.

Convenient Accessibilty.

Table combined with large travel design.

Technical Specifications

Table Size Ø500
T-slot 14H7x5mm
Max. Workpiece Ø500mm x H350/780mm
Table load Capacity 340 kg
X.Y.Z Axis travel(mm) 500 x 600 x 510
A Axis travel +30° ~ -120°
C Axis travel 360° (Continous)
Spindle Nose to WorkTable 150-660 mm
3 Axes Ballscrews X: Ø45mm / P12mm X/Y/Z:45 mm roller type / 6 blocks
3 Axes Precision Roller Type Linear Guideway X/Y/Z:45 mm roller type / 6 blocks
3 Axes Transmission Direct drive
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z 32/32/32 m/min
Rapid Traverse A/C 25/30 RPM
Acceleration X/Y/Z 2/2/3 m/s²
X/Y/Z Feed Rate 12 m/min
A/C Feed Rate 2000°/min
Spindle Speed BBT40/CAT40/DIN40
Spindle Taper 12000 rpm
Spindle Cooling Unit Oil Cooling
Spindle Transmission Direct drive
Tool Storage Capacity 30
Max. Tool Weight 7 kg
Max. Tool Diameter Ø100mm (Ø125mm)
Max. Tool Length 300mm
Tool Selection Fixed tool pocket
Controller 5-face machining 828D / 0iMF / M80
Controller 5-face machining 828D / 0iMF / M80
5-axis simultaneous machining 840D / 31iMB5 / TNC640
Coolant Tank Capacity 260L
Coolant Motor 220V 60Hz 0.127kW 3kg/cm²-67L/min
Coolant Spray Gun 380V 50Hz 0.85kW 2kg/cm²-67L/min
Chip Conveyor Motor 220V 60Hz 0.2kW / 380V 50Hz 0.2kW
Power Consumption 30 kVA
Air Pressure Required 6kg / cm²
Machine Weight 9800kg