VMC Vertical Machining Centers v-11h front view


Rapido V Series (Ball Type)

Heavy Duty Precision Vertical Machining Centers

A 4th axis rotary table can also be added to the Rapido series VMC especially for the machining of spindle components, turbine blades, cams, worm gear shafts, and other aerospace components.

The Rapido series VMC excels at the machining of components that are hardness treated up to HRC53-55..

CNC controller : Fanuc / Mitsubishi / Heidenhain / Siemens

Technical Specifications

Table Size 750 x 420mm
T-slot 14 x 5 x 65mm
Table Load Capacity 300 kg
X.Y.Z Axis Travel(mm) 700 x 420 x 450
Positioning Accuracy 0.003mm / 300mm
Repetition X.Y.Z. Axis ±0.003mm
Spindle Nose to WorkTable 120-570 mm
Spindle Center to Column 449 mm
3 Axis Ballscrew X/Y: Ø32mm/P12mm/C3, Z: Ø40mm/P12mm/C3
3 Axis Precision Linear Guideway X:THK SVS 30mm x 4 pcsOZ type block / Y:THK SVS 35mm x 4 pcsOZ type block / Z:THK SVS 35mm x 6 pcsOZ type block
3 Axis Transmission Direct drive
Spindle Taper BT#40
Spindle Speed 60-12000rpm
Spindle Cooling Unit Standard
Spindle Transmission Direct drive
Spindle Thru Spindle Option : 8 bar / 22bar
Spindle Diameter Ø60mm
Feed Rate(mm/min) 1-12000 mm/min
Rapid Traverse(m/min) X/Y/Z=32 m/min
3 Axes Optical Linear Scale (opt)absolute type 0.1μ resolution
Tool Storage Capacity Armless type 20 tools, (opt)Arm type 30 tools
Max. Tool Diameter Ø76mm
Tool Selection Bi-direction random shortest path
Max. Tool Weight 7kgs/pc
Max. Tool Length 250mm
Coolant Motor TPHK 4T3-3 1.27kW
Coolant Tank Capacity 300 Liters.
Coolant Thru spindle 50Hz, 8bars Grundfos SPK2-23/23 / 60HZ, 8bars Grundfos SPK2-15/15
Chip Conveyor Motor 0.2kW x 1
Air Pressure Required 6kg/cm²
Power Consumption 25KVA
Machine Weight 4500kgs