Axis Vertical 
Machining Centers

  C Series


Approach complex processing from 5 directions, simultaneously.

The tilting rotary table on the Maximart C series machining centers delivers value for money with the widest range of machining operation. Unlike tilting head machining centers, these machines oer a wider working range with +30°~ -120° of travel on the A axis.
This trunnion type design delivers greater workpiece machining exibility with better undercut capability. This is perfect for small workshops wishing to maximize the application of their machining investment.

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" Versatility - Precision - Reliability"

  • Medical
  • Aerospace Field
  • Die/Mold Production
  • Automotive Industry
  • Cycling Application
  • CNC Training Program


Redefine overall capabilities to any industries

  • Mould and Die Construction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Engineering
  • Semiconductor Industry

Smaller footprint, Outstanding Performance

“The Maximart C Series 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers deliver outstanding performance in a smaller footprint for the machining of complex geometry parts for the Medical, Aerospace, Molds and Die Industries.”

15000 RPM

Max. Spindle speed

32 m/min

3-axis Rapid Traverse

60 Tools

Max. ATC Magazine

Ф 620 x 300

Max. Workpiece size (mm)

Maximum Dynamic Versatility

The tilting rotary table on the Maximart C series 5 axis vertical machining centers delivers value with the widest range of machining operation. Unlike tilting head machining centers, this trunnion design rotary table enhances greater workpiece machining flexibility with better undercut capability. It is perfect for small workshops wishing to maximize the application of their machining investment.

A-axis tilting angle travel

+30~-120 degree
Greater cutting performance

C-axis rotating angle travel

+360° continuously
Wider cutting range

Compact Structure Design

The compactly constructed C20-5A/5U 5-axis Machining Center features a space-saving design. It’s a 5-axis configuration allows for machining of complex parts for the medical, aerospace and die mold industries.

Multi-Surface Machining in a Single Setup

Designed with high efficiency and high precision machining in mind, the C series 5 Axis VMC is equipped with a tilting rotary table, walking it perfectly suited for 5-sided/5-axis machining.   

Higher workpiece accuracy can be achieved because of less workstation prepared; complex shape components can be accomplished by machining process from any direction, at high speed simultaneously.


Ф 320


Ф 410


Ф 500

Massive Column and Base

The oversized box design column along with the extra heavy machine base on Maximart C series machines fully exhibit extraordinary structural rigidity and stability to handle dynamic forces associated with high efficiency 5-axis cutting.

X/Y/Z Axes Roller Type Linear Guideways

  • X/Y/Z axes are all mounted with roller type linear guideways with large span design, featuri​ng high rigidity, machining stability and high accuracy.

  • 6 blocks on each axis (X/Y/Z axes) to provide solid support, delivering excellent stability and avoid deflection issues even during high speed heavy workpiece machining.
    *C20-5A/5U 4 blocks on X-axis

Z Axis No Counter Balance required

A standard powerful brake motor on Z axis alleviates the need for counter balance system while at the same time deliver a smooth, excellent performance in dynamic machining efficiency.

Maximum Braking Force, Minimum Cumulative Errors

Dual Axis (A/C Axis) Trunnion Rotary Table

  • The A/C axis brake device employs a full-circumference hydraulic system, producing greater braking force with minimum affection on accuracy.
  • The tilting axis equipped with Heidenhain angle encoder is standard feature.

Sustained Machining Accuracy

  • Each machine model equipped with a high accuracy spindle cooling unit

  • The contact surface between machine spindle and motor is precisely hand-scrapped and subject to various strict inspections

  • Automatic central lubrication system with alarm to ensure long time machining at high speed while giving perfect results and accuracy.

A full enclosure machine stainless guard in fine-finish paint, along with CE approved window glass, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.   

Two sides chip augers inside machine working space, combined with front-mount chip conveyor to offer a comprehensive chip removing, and streamline production process.

24hr Air-conditioned 
Manufacturing Plant  

Each and every vertical machining center is manufactured under constant temperature and humidity controlled factory

Insist on details

The end face of spindle stock, screw support faces and block contact faces are fully hand scraped to increase accuracy, stability and feeding smoothness.

Machine Assembly

All of the machining centers are assembled by our skilled technicians in our fully air-conditioned facility. We follow rigorous inspection and testing procedures to ensure that each component and most importantly, the final assembled machine will delight customers with exceptional performance.

Machining Test and 
Metal Cutting Performance

As part of our standard manufacturing procedures, Maximart perform a series of rigorous machining tests, ensuring that vertical machining center is with highest production accuracy and reliability. 

Dependability through In-house Rigorous Inspection       

MAXIMART quality assurance department is fully-equipped with a comprehensive range of world-famous inspection instruments. These sophisticated inspection equipments enable our Q.C. staffs to implement thorough quality control from beginning to the end.

All jigs and dials used for calibration are inspected and approved by qualified calibration laboratories to ensure accuracy.


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