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Massive and heavy-duty Bed

  • Ultimate Structure assures the highest stability
  • The bed and machine base are manufactured from high quality cast iron, tempered to relieve stress without deformation year after year. 
  • The box type bed is heavily constructed in combination with extra wide bed slideways, resulting in increased structural rigidity and machining stability
  • Heavyweight bed gives the capability of durability after years of turning application and heavy use.
  • The bed interior is scientifically rib-reinforced to dampen vibration and reduce deformation.

Wide Range Spindle Bore Selection

Up to max. Ф355 mm spindle bore is available on specific model. The specially designed extra large spindle bore is suitable for cutting larger workpiece.


The rugged and compact tailstock is easy to move along the bed slideways and clamped in position.


Coolant equipment is standard accessory on all (ML-series) models

Gap Bed (optional)

Removable gap bridge is available for larger swing capacity on all (ML-series) models.

Threading Chart 

Understandable speed, thread and feed table to simplify turning/cutting experience
(​ Common type thread)

Foot Brake Mechanism

Foot brake with brake pedal over the entire length allows the spindle to completely stop after operation.

Rigid Headstock

  • All-gear headstock ensures extremely smooth running and maximum durability
  • All gears in the headstock quality are manufactured from high quality alloy steel (SCM-21), carburized and precisely ground to assure maximum smoothness and quietness during running.
  • The headstock is ruggedly constructed for ultra-high stability when performing heavy cutting and turning application 
  • The geared head provides a wide range of spindle speeds to suit various cutting requirements.

Oil-bath Device in Headstock

  • The headstock employs a combination of forced lubrication and oil-bath device to achieve better lubrication effect.

Conveniently Operated Gear Box

  • oil-bath lubricated to ensure smooth running at all time
  • Speed change, feed rate selection, inch/metric threading can be performed conveniently without need to change gear
  • Feed rate selection and full range of inch/metric threading setting are easily accomplished by three levers and one rotary dial.

Compound Tool Post

  • The compound tool post is mounted on top of the cross slide.
  • The slideways of carriage and saddle are hardened and precisely ground for outstanding wear resistance 
  • A hand lubricator is equipped for lubricating longitudinal and cross slideways.


  • The apron has an interlock device to eliminate the problem of simultaneous power feeding and thread cutting. 
  • The Apron forms an oil reservoir for oil-bath lubrication for all gears in the apron

Tailstock & Quill

  • Rugged constructed, operate smoothly along the bed slideways
  • The tailstock quill is hardened, precision ground, and graduated in inch/metric scales. 
  • Accurate tailstock contributes to precise turning application and drilling.

Electrical Cabinet with Interlock Door

  • Neat, attentively designed and deployed for maintenance.
  • Easy access for trouble shooting and electrical/electronic components repair. 
  • Low voltage control system to avoid danger to operator in case of electric shock 
  • All electrical / electronic components are tested for dependable control performance.


Chip & coolant shield

The see-through tool post guard to ensure operator’s safety

Full length splash guard

Rear side protection wall to enclose chip and coolant for clear working environment.

Chuck guard

Equipped with safety limit switch, machine power shuts off automatically when opened.

Leadscrew guard

Protect Cover on leadscrew from chips

CE Electric

All electrics comply with CE regulations

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