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Conventional Type 

( Standard )

Inverter Drive Type 
ML-(i) series

( Optional )

   Speed Control

18 steps 
Rotary Dial Lever

Inverter drive variable speed output 
3 Range selection (H/M/L) 
Automatic speed change by inverter control

   Display (rpm)

Rotary dial chart reference

Spindle speed displayed on rpm meter

   Brake Mechanism

Foot brake with brake pedal

Electromagnetic brake for spindle motor

   Function Application


CSS-like Function (Constant Surface Speed)
Constant spindle speed combines with the use of cross slide lever for feeding, providing cutting accuracy and speed for side facing on a round plate


Step Turning Perform
By using automatic speed change, combined with automatic cross feed function will increase efficiency greatly.

Standarad Accessories

Available options on Maximart Precision Lathe

*Spindle speed difference is subject to model selection

Technical Table

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