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Optimize 3-Axis CNC Machine,

A brand-new model: e-750a

Bigger size in work table, Wide-ranging in application

June 03, 2021 by maximart corporation

Strengthen on high reputation basis of MAXIMART-brand conventional type milling machine (Turret-type mill/Bed-type mill), and combining its over-40-year manufacturing experience in machinery field, MAXIMART CORPORATION 3-Axis CNC machine Rapido “e” -Series not only performs agilely and steadily in machining, but also delivers work-piece with finest finish and superb surface.  

Gaining the advantages of its rigidity and precision of assembly in 3-Axis CNC machine Rapido e -Series , the brand new model: e-750A is equipped with a larger working area 850 × 492 (unit: mm) and high-powered cutting ability (1000 rpm), providing a flexibility to cover more range of work piece mission
in medical, aerospace, and mold field. 

Committed to its high standard of production, each set of MAXIMART Rapido e -Series 3-Axis CNC machine is manufactured under experienced craftsman;
In addition, MAXIMART Quality Control Department are fully-equipped with world-class advanced inspection instruments,
ensuring all the machine parts achieve its ideal and highest accuracy before going on into next assembly station. 

Model: e-750A is no exception, definitely going through sophisticated testing processes, including: 

■ Three Dimensional Coordinated Measuring Machine
■ Cutting Circularity Tester
■ Double Ball Bar (DBB) Tester
■ Laser Calibration System
■ 3D Thermal Displacement Testere
■ Spindle Dynamic Signal Analyzer
■ Dynamic Balancing Calibrator for Spindle Motor

4th Axis Simultaneous Advanced Extension
Each and every of MAXIMART 3-Axis CNC machine (including model: e-750A ) can be equipped with 4th axis rotary table (opt.)
for more advanced applications, including spindle components, turbine blades, worm gears shafts, and other aerospace components.
These complex parts require the excellent positional control of four axes machining to ensure outstanding precision and surface finish.

Competitive in efficiency and precision, Paid off big
MAXIMART model: e-750A is an ideal model selection of all industries.
A designed and appropriate working area gives versatility and efficiency in fine drilling,
large-hole drilling, engraving, and most importantly, exceeding the traditional solution.

Nowadays, a Wide-ranging High Performance CNC Machine Line.

MAXIMART have confidence in each and every of our CNC machine unit. We put emphasis not only on components, assembly process and machine structure, but also on our pursuing of complete after-sale-service system, ensuring our clients receive instant assistance and solutions. Until now, MAXIMART have been developing and delivering a broader and high precision CNC machining center series machines (VMC), gaining a foothold in competitive machinery equipment market.

Conventional-type Milling Machine
Turret-type Milling Machine
Bed-type Milling Machine (MX- series)
3 Axis Vertical Machining Center
The e series - Rapido excellence series VMC (Roller Type)
The V series - Rapdio R series VMC (Ball Type)
5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
The C series – 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
The U series - 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
The D series – Gantry-type 5 Axis Machining Center

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